Dry Eyes – Peep Club

We are spending more time than ever now on our smart phones, and computers, and as a result we are increasingly having to deal with red, tired and dry eyes. At AKL we understand that you do not want to become dependent on conventional treatments, and would prefer a solution that does not involve preservatives, fragrances, and other known irritants, and where possible we have been recommending Peep Club’s eye wand which can be used in conjunction with the eye balm made mainly of coconut oil.

A gentle message regularly, will promote circulation, and unblock your Meibomian Glands – a leading cause of dry eyes. This will help lock in the tears and keep your eyes super hydrated throughout the day. An added bonus is that the eye wand helps improve collagen production, circulation and elasticity of the skin around the eye area!

Take a look at the Peep Club website for further details – www.peepclub.co.uk.

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