Essilor Lenses

At Alexander Kobrin Optometrists we deal with complex vision difficulties and have found that partnering with a lens manufacturer such as Essilor has helped us to find personalised solutions for our patients.

Above all else, Essilor is synonymous with quality – something that is core to our approach.

Essilor has over 150 years of experience in very specific manufacturing techniques which enable them to create lenses of a huge range of specialised prescriptions – including the correction of high myopia (high minus prescriptions) and high hyperopia (high plus prescriptions).

The benefit of Essilor lenses for high or complex prescriptions is the precision with which they are crafted. This means optimal vision, thinner and lighter lenses but without compromising on visual detail. Lens coatings are engineered to enhance visual comfort and eye health.

Our aim at Alexander Kobrin is to find the best eye care solution possible for each patient, and that the wearing of spectacles is enjoyable and stress free!
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