Glasses that are too strong can exacerbate progressive short sightedness

Sometimes glasses are prescribed with a relatively strong minus power to help the eyes to align more efficiently. This needs to be done cautiously because strong minus lenses can contribute to progressive short sightedness. Essentially stronger minus strength than necessary can cause your child to become short sighted quicker. We are fully aware of this, and our aim is to slow down progression as much as possible, so there is no need to worry when we prescribe glasses. On an interesting note, the World Council of Optometry has now passed a resolution to incorporate a standard of care for myopia (short sightedness) management into practice. This involves public education, and proactive care to prevent unnecessary progression of myopia. It’s really good news that myopia progression is being taken seriously and that there is professional and public awareness.

Contact lens technology has advanced to a point that there are lenses available for children that can slow down progression of myopia by an average of 59%.

Be sure to discuss this with us at your child’s next re-examination.



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