Interesting Notes

US study finds that children with autism are less likely to receive vision screening. New research has revealed disparities in the proportion of children with autism sectrum disorder who receive vision screening in the US.

New research has explored the effect of low- concentration atropine eye drops on myopia. Researchers concluded that nightly use of 0.05% atropine eye drops resulted in a significantly lower incidence of myopia compared with placebo.

Scientists have described a case of face blindness in a 28 year old woman after contracting COVID – 19.

The patient had normal facial recognition before contracting COVID, since developing COVID, she cannot even recognise faces of her immediate family.

In May 2022 Goucestershire was the first county in England to fund a homeless eye care clinic. The project was initiated by the Local Optical Committee, with support from Vision Care for homeless people. It provides help to people experiencing visual issues who haven’t been able to access eye tests.


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