Omega 3 Oil and Eye Health

There is no doubt that you are helping your eye health, if your diet is high in omega 3 fish oil. Research is varied regarding the benefits (for example slowing down the ageing process of the eye). Although opinions differ, everyone will agree that omega 3 has natural anti inflammatory properties and will help improve…

Glasses that are too strong can exacerbate progressive short sightedness

Sometimes glasses are prescribed with a relatively strong minus power to help the eyes to align more efficiently. This needs to be done cautiously because strong minus lenses can contribute to progressive short sightedness. Essentially stronger minus strength than necessary can cause your child to become short sighted quicker. We are fully aware of this,…

Coffee Intake and Glaucoma Risk

Recent research indicates that for people who have relatively high eye pressure, caffeine intake may contribute to a higher incidence of glaucoma. This does not mean that coffee causes glaucoma. We therefore advise that you limit your intake of coffee to no more than a couple of cups a day, if we have indicated that…

Essilor Lenses

At Alexander Kobrin Optometrists we deal with complex vision difficulties and have found that partnering with a lens manufacturer such as Essilor has helped us to find personalised solutions for our patients. Above all else, Essilor is synonymous with quality – something that is core to our approach. Essilor has over 150 years of experience…

Our New Website

Welcome to our updated website! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and many of us have had our first COVID vaccine! Over the last few months, the team at AKL have had the opportunity to review our patient experience, to up-skill and to look into what we should be doing around…

Dry Eyes – Peep Club

We are spending more time than ever now on our smart phones, and computers, and as a result we are increasingly having to deal with red, tired and dry eyes. At AKL we understand that you do not want to become dependent on conventional treatments, and would prefer a solution that does not involve preservatives,…


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