Interesting Notes

US study finds that children with autism are less likely to receive vision screening. New research has revealed disparities in the proportion of children with autism sectrum disorder who receive vision screening in the US. New research has explored the effect of low- concentration atropine eye drops on myopia. Researchers concluded that nightly use of…

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97% of contact lens wearers dispose of their lenses down the drain or into landfill. Only 3% of people recycle their contact lenses. This is seriously damaging the environment. Patients should make an effort to recycle contact lenses.

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As we get older our vision naturally reduces. This reduction can be offset by good diet. It is important to try avoid sugar and preservatives. Foods that are high in anti oxidants like zeaxanthenine and lutein can help significantly to delay the ageing process of the retina.

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Driving and Glare

Glare from oncoming headlights reduces the ability of drivers to recognise road hazards. According to a driver survey car headlights are too bright, 88% of people say that they have been dazzled by car headlights according to the RAC. It is essential to have good quality anti glare filters on glasses to reduce glare and…

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Hight Tech Imaging

High tech imaging can detect early signs of glaucoma, for example OCT scans are invaluable in early detection and treatment of glaucoma and macula degeneration. Our practice has a state of the art OCT imaging system.

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New Research

Researchers in China and the USA have found a way of extracting biological material released by cells in the tear fluid to help diagnose eye and other conditions. The lipid bubbles that carry protein and genetic material between cells can be a biomarker for certain diseases – for example dry eye disease, and glaucoma.

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Macula Degeneration

Tiny ‘ice cube tray’ may help to restore eyesight – hope for people who have macula degeneration Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed the ability to deliver photoreceptors to the retina with a tiny scaffold that resembles an ice cube tray. Once implanted, the scaffold could replace damaged retinal cells from conditions like…

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Omega 3 Oil and Eye Health

There is no doubt that you are helping your eye health, if your diet is high in omega 3 fish oil. Research is varied regarding the benefits (for example slowing down the ageing process of the eye). Although opinions differ, everyone will agree that omega 3 has natural anti inflammatory properties and will help improve…

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Glasses that are too strong can exacerbate progressive short sightedness

Sometimes glasses are prescribed with a relatively strong minus power to help the eyes to align more efficiently. This needs to be done cautiously because strong minus lenses can contribute to progressive short sightedness. Essentially stronger minus strength than necessary can cause your child to become short sighted quicker. We are fully aware of this,…

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Coffee Intake and Glaucoma Risk

Recent research indicates that for people who have relatively high eye pressure, caffeine intake may contribute to a higher incidence of glaucoma. This does not mean that coffee causes glaucoma. We therefore advise that you limit your intake of coffee to no more than a couple of cups a day, if we have indicated that…

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